Everyday Heroes

February 5, 2009 at 11:03 pm (Inspiration) (, , , , )

Everyday Heroes

Before the fire department

Before the police

Before Fox 5 landed with lights on my lawn

The heroes showed up

I ran out of a burning house with my dog, a birdcage, and my keys.

The heroes were already there waiting to help.

Somebody moved the car out of the driveway, got me some water, called my husband, took my animals to their house, and held my hand.

I am filled with awe and eternal gratitude by the simple kind acts of these folks.

I’m pretty sure that these amazing people were not sitting around at home thinking, “How can I be a hero today?”

Some of these people I know and some I will never know.

I am filled with awe and eternal gratitude for their actions.

I know for sure that there is part of each and every one of us that is heroic.

A heroic act can be very small. You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound or stop a moving train in order to be a hero.

You are probably a hero every day without even realizing it.

When you encourage a child to learn, smile at a stranger, adopt a pet from a shelter, recycle, buy locally-grown produce, or take an elderly neighbor to the super market, you are a hero.

John Lennon sang, “A working class hero is something to be.”

I sing, “An everyday hero is something to be”.



  1. Nancy said,

    Yes, we do find heroes in the most unlikely places. A hero is someone who is there, unexpectedly, who provides you the things and the strength that you need. Not the things that others “think” you need. Real heroes come out of nowhere, when you least expect it. I know this…… I found my hero in the light of the eyes of a friend I didn’t even know I had. They were there, in my doorway, only moments after I stepped away from married life. It’s as if they knew exactly what I needed in a friend and offered that with no expectations. When things get tough in life, you find out what really matters and often what has been missing. I have to say that the last year has been a challenge and through my associations with these people, who don’t even know how heroic they are, I have learned so much. I have grown beyond who I was and now am on a path of continued growth and enlightenment. Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something.

    Thank you Rachel and Henry, for being my heroes. Your strength and light are inspirational. I’m so glad that we reconnected. Seeing you guys helped to clear away some of the cobwebs and helped me see more clearly where I need to be. I don’t know if this will bring me back to MD to live, or just to be around more often. In the universal plan, I will be where I need to be and you my friends, will be there with me always.

    Peace and Love to you.


  2. Karen said,

    Thanks for the reminder that I am sometimes a hero and am am often surrounded by heroes. You are one of them.

  3. susan said,

    thank you for sharing this with me (and all of us). i love reading your lyrical words on this considerable life experience. you’re a hero, at the very least, every monday and wednesday at sws…and i’m sure more often than that

  4. -e- said,

    Oh, my dearest Rache-face

    How often I have pondered your recovery, since that too brief update on the fire. That sinking, spiraling feeling when I saw my holiday note was returned as undeliverable. The shock as I realized that so much more time had passed than I ever intended, and that it was actually possible that I could loose track of you and your wonderful family, one that I still think of as my own.

    Reading this blog, seeing the comments from people I love (hi-P-! hi -D-!), and seeing that your groanworthy sense of humor is still intact (keep your married name, indeed), has buoyed my spirits immeasurably.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and growth, about this, now, but also throughout all the years past. I look forward to so much more communication.

    Never more true than now– glad you’re not dead

    hugs and kisses

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