The Critical Decision to Get Up and Walk the Dog

March 12, 2009 at 2:01 am (healing, Inspiration, Memoirs) (, , , , )

Rach & Beau

The Critical Decision to Get Up and Walk the Dog

That first night after the house burned, my husband and I stayed across the street with our wonderful neighbors Jacques and Veronique. They immediately opened their home to us, and gave us their basement guest room to sleep in. They had an amazing way of quietly providing us with everything we needed. I will love them forever because of the humanity and unconditional love they showed us.

We hardly slept that first night. We held each other. We cried in the privacy of that little basement room.

The next morning, I remember being astonished that the sun actually came up again – amazed that there was another day.

It must have been around 6 AM. Our hosts were still asleep. That’s when we made the big decision.

We decided to get up, walk down the street to where our dog was staying, and take him for his morning romp.

I know that sounds like a very minor and mundane action, but it was literally our first major step towards healing our lives. The magnitude and majesty of that morning walk stays with me even to this day.

The sacred routine. The sweet greeting from our dog. The beauty of our neighborhood at the end of August. The morning air still cool. The birds chirping noisily. Seeing the newspaper being delivered.

The news. The world. People. Life. It was all still there, and so were we.

I knew then, as I know now, that we were going to be alright.



  1. Phil Weiner said,

    Dogs are wonderful creatures. They ask nothing of us and give us unconditional love.
    It was wonderful that in satisfying Beau’s needs by walking him, he also satisfied your needs at a time when you and Henry were in a world of hurt.

    Life goes on, and dogs really help lessen the stress. It’s a proven fact.
    I should know. Both Beau and I have discussed this on my many visits with him.

    Arf, arf,

  2. Lauren said,

    Okay, Ember is a “therapy dog” and provides comfort to other folks. But, I think Ember’s biggest job is right here at home! Thank you for showing me that again!

    Btw, I totally love that picture on the beach. It’s weepingly beautiful.

  3. Andrew Aker said,

    Yes, life starts everyday w/ a Sunrise.
    Moving forward is always the solution to a setback.
    How beautiful your World is and your words sing like a Song Writers.
    You are also very lucky to have Henry to hold you. I know this Man and I can think of no safer place than in his Arms.
    From the Ashes raises the Phoenix %^)

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