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November 29, 2009 at 10:13 pm (Charitable Organizations, Inspiration) (, , )

Gift of Winter

I admit it. I hate the whole obligatory gift-giving of a bunch of crap that people don’t need and may not even want. And if it’s something for the kids in your family – they probably have plenty of toys, video games etc. Is this how our love is measured? I certainly hope not. So I offer up some alternatives for this holiday season :

For the adults or the mature young adult, check out the Alternative gift fair in your area. You can donate in your loved-ones names to a variety of Local, National, and International organizations, and it is tax-deductible. From your local soup kitchen, to providing winter coats for Native American kids living in North Dakota, to providing vaccines for children in Africa, this is a great “good karma” way to give.

Support your local crafts people and merchants – especially those featuring the work of local artists and fare-trade products. Stay away from department stores.

Give a basket of fresh locally-grown produce from your neighborhood farmers market or co-op.

Give an EXPERIENCE instead of a material object. Local theater, musical events, classes, and workshops make for wonderful memories.

Give a gift certificate for a spa treatment, massage, pedicure etc.

You get the idea. Let’s reclaim the holidays with meaningful gift-giving. I feel that warm and fuzzy feeling returning …oh wait.. that was just the dog lying on my feet !

All links below are for venues, services, and events in the DC area,


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